Friday, 15 April 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Sport

Hmm as the short person who wore glasses I was never much of  a sportsperson. I much preferred being left alone to read! I am also one of those odd ones who don't watch football (in fact I subscribe to the belief that you should give each member a ball then there would be no fights!)

I do remember one occasion where in sheer desperation the softball team roped me in to make up the numbers. I was given a bit of a lecture of how they didn't really expect much of me but without me they couldn't play. I was given strict instructions as to what to do. They had me up with two out. I am not sure who was more surprised, them or me, when I actually managed to hit the ball AND managed to get to third base. Then the next batter up hit the ball and ran to first while I ran to the home plate, losing my glasses along the way. Unfortunately the other batter was run out just before I got home. Then the  fielder managed to stand on my glasses and that was the end of that!

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