Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Flip-Pal is Available in Australia From Gould Genealogy!

I have been a bit jealous of  Jill Ball and the Flip-Pal scanner she bought back from Rootstech last year.  

There has been lots of dicussions about the scanner and what it can do on Facebook and the various discussion forums and Jill has a demo video on her site..

There have been a number of Australians who have visited the States and bought back a Flip-Pal with them and I know it was on a number of people's 2011 Christmas list.

I am really pleased today, as I have ordered a Flip-pal scanner for myself from an Australian distributor. Gould Genealogy are now selling the Flip-Pal with various accessories.

I ordered the one with the Creative Craft CDs (shown above) as I still like to play with craft things when I have some free time, not that I have had a lot of that lately.

It is a portable scanner that has a good depth of field and there have been reports of people visiting relatives and scanning photos still in their frames (does depend how far behind the image is but most people have no problems). The scanenr comes with stitch software which also allows you to scan large items such as deeds and even quilts and then the program 'stitches' the images together.

I also ordered the clear frame you can write on which is a great addition as you can scan a photo then write on this plastic cover as to who the people are or distinctive items in the photo then rescan the photo with this sheet over it so you have an identified photo as well as your original scan!

On a recent Geneabloggers Blogtalk radio episode it was suggested you should get two of these sheets then you could get a real assembly line going with your scanning and identification. Good idea but as I don't have a partner in crime one sheet will do me for now!


My last treat to myself, mainly to keep everything together was a cover. I had a choice of colours. I was tossing up between the red and the purple but the purple won out!

Added 23 March
Caroline Pointer has just published an excellent post on reasons why you would buy a Flip-Pal. Well worth a read!