Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Happy First Birthday to Me!

This is a  celebratory time of year for me as it is the first birthday of this blog (and also my not quite 50 Birthday)

It has been a wonderful year! I have met so many lovely people in the Geneablogger community. I have not managed to post as regularly as I would have liked during the past year but have managed 74 posts just over one a week with another 23 half written waiting to post.

There have been just over 5000 visits to the blog in that time, with contact established with four people also researching my family. Blogs can be great cousins attractants!

I have also had wonderful help from blog readers in identifying military photographs.

Thank you to all of you! Hopefully this is just the first of many birthdays to come! I am having much too much fun to quit now!