Thursday, 10 January 2013

Blog of the Year 2012

I am honoured to have received a nomination for this award from Shauna Hicks who is an eminent Australian genealogist, speaker, author. 

Shauna writes Diary of an Australian Genealogist as well as being active on Facebook and Twitter.  Shauna is also the Co-ordinator for National Family History Week, which is an initiative of AFFHO (Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations). There is a Facebook page for National Family History Week and input is welcomed.

I do thank Shauna for this Award but also feel a bit of a fraud as due to my Mother's terminal illness this is my first post since September last year. However a new year is here and receiving this award has given me the boost I needed, so thank you Shauna!

There are a number of blogs I would like to nominate for this award,These are not the only blogs I read and many would be very worthy of nomination.:Some of which are so high profile that I believe everybody knows about them such as Thomas MacEntee, Randy Seaver i have decided not to nominate them.

Have a look at Geneabloggers which lists nearly 3000 genealogy blogs. You are able to do a search on type of blog here. You are also able to search for blogs of interest using Google.

So today I am nominating ones which have touched me this past year and have made me think:

Genealogists for Families: This is a very worthwhile project initiated by Judy Webster in memory of her father. Judy has given so much to the genealogy community over the years and if you have Queensland research you really MUST look at her website which has a huge amount of information that will be of help to you in your research. Judy also writes a number of other blogs giving tips on research and a great one on episodes in her Father's life (more installments please).

Pauleen Cass Family History Across the Seas Always a good read but her Beyond the Internet series is a great educational resource for everyone. Pauleen writes a number of blogs so put some time aside to have some reading pleasure.

Alona Tester of Lonetester HQ did the very successful Family History through the Alphabet series as well as many other interesting posts. Alona has some lovely family memorabilia about which she has also posted. There are also quite a number of convicts in Alona's tree (in fact too many! I think she could share one or two with other less fortunate souls who don't have even one, don't you?)

Elizabeth Shown Mills now has a blog Evidence Explained which has some fantastic Quick Lessons on citation. We all know we need to cite our sources but sometimes working out how to do so especially for the less usual sources can be problematic. Elizabeth shows us how!

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